Wooden Blinds

Using the finest wood, slats of the timber venetian blinds is precision cut, smooth sanded, kiln dried to remove damaging moisture, treated and hand inspected for grain and colour uniformity. The natural beauty of Hunter Douglas timber blinds are the perfect way to add warmth and richness to any room.

Desirable Properties of Wood Blinds

  • Stability
  • Colour Uniformity
  • Light Weight
  • Durability

Energy Efficient

Wood is superior natural insulator, more than aluminium and in some cases even vinyl.

Wood brings natural warmth and charismatic beauty to all interiors.

Wood is the most environmentally beneficial material for use in window coverings.

Environmentally Friendly

Process of wood production is far more energy efficient than most other raw material, which translates to less pollution into the atmosphere.

It is the only renewable and recyclable resource used in the window covering industry aside from cotton.