Tips To Style The Room Of Teen Aged Girls

A teenage girl looks her room like a castle and she wants to give it the most elegant and graceful look. Last time, we discussed about “Is your child living in a creative world?” and gave you certain tips that would make your child live in a healthy & creative aura. Today, we have come up with few exciting tips that would help the teenage girl make her room look perfect for the princess in her.

Here are certain tips that would transform the simple room into the dream-like castle:

  • The Color Theme: The color scheme of the room matters a lot in defining the aura. You can pick our favorite color, be it blue, pink, red, mauve, wine, yellow, or green, and combine it with a basic color like, cream, white, or silver. Create your favorite color scheme in your room for the ‘WOWW’ look.

TIP: Prefer to add the bright colors in the room, as that would bring the positivity in the aura and would highlight your young personality as well. You would get ample of options to play with color in wall coverings or wall papers. So, you may think about them as well.

  • Magic With Furniture & Furnishings: If you’ll explore the market or online stores for furnishing or home décor products, you would be glad to see the innovations. The designs for beds, tables, or mirrors are amazingly crafted that look gorgeous. You can try the fairy style beds, the round beds for your room. Get the furnishings like bed sheets & cushions for them in a color that you pick for the theme of the room.

TIP: If you are choosing the bed sheet in solid color, say pink, then, choose the cushions in basic color like silver. And if you want to place a carpet or rug in the room, then make it in of white or cream color.

  • The Beauty Of The Accessories: The accessories in the room bring in the X factor. You can get the stylish accessories for the walls, curtains, or corners of the room.

TIP: Creating symmetry on the wall with photographs looks beautiful, so you can try it. Also, you can create hand crafted accessories to give personalized touch to the room.