What is a Broadloom Carpet and what are its Advantages?

A broadloom carpet is a name used to refer to big carpets which are woven on an equally wide loom. The loom is a weaving tool used to knit threads so that a resulting large piece of cloth is formed. Such a carpet is quickly becoming common because it has one outstanding advantage; there will not be any need in creating seams during its installation. It is what is used in large rooms to create area uniform carpeting. When it comes to rugs and carpets, the above have a larger size making it more advantageous when compared to the carpets woven by machines on more narrow looms.

There are countless of styles and designs which can be created for a broadloom carpet. Just like carpets woven by machines, broadloom carpets can also have various textures and styles added to it. It can be pile woven or even loop woven. Different colours may also be integrated creating a unique piece of carpet. Borders may also be added depending on the intended purpose of the carpet. Broadloom carpets encourage the client to be creative when it comes to their design.

Materials used to create the carpet are not specific. Natural materials like horsehair, wool and sisal can be used just as synthetic ones like plastic and nylon. Those who weave the carpets tend to prefer materials which are more durable so that the broadloom carpet has more longevity to it.

When a broadloom carpet is used as area carpets or wall to wall carpets, a carpet pad is placed below it, creating more insulation. The carpet pads are very important as they help protect your carpet from condensation as well. This kind of carpet if maintained properly may last you for years to come.

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