Silhouette Window Shadings

Silhouette window shadings feature the Signature S-Vane fabric panels which are suspended between two sheer facing that distill sunlight into a warm flow with exceptional elegance.

Controlled Privacy For Your Home

Silhouette window shadings come in different degrees of Opacities, giving you the desired control of  privacy and lighting.

  • Semi Sheer - Delivers moderate privacy with shadow-like outlines
  • Translucent - Provides privacy while offering light diffusion
  • Light Dimming - Offers increased privacy and light-blocking capabilities


Just Right Amount Of Sunlight

Protect your valuable furnishings from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Various Vans Size

Silhouette comes in 2-,3-, and 4- inch vane size. Each vane size provides a different effect. As the vane size increases, the space between the vanes becomes wider, thus creating view through the fabric facings.

Precision Tilting

Silhouette window shadings grant optimal control of privacy, ultraviolet protection and sunlight that enters a room.

  • Opened - Vanes filter up to 88% UV light while preserving outside view
  • Tilted  - Vanes further soften the light while softening the view
  • Closed - Vanes filter up to 99% of UV light while providing complete privacy without total darkness.